Finding a Job and Hiring Employees in Russia

Introduction | Task | Resources | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion


Your company has just opened a new branch office in Russia. You and your group work in the personnell office and you are responsible for hiring several new staff members for your company. Your company is a large conglamorate and it needs to fill a large variety of positions. This is a large group WebQuest project and may involve as few as 4-5 students or as many as an entire class.


Your task is to determine which positions in your company need to be fileld, write up an add for each position, search for online resumés for these positions, interview candidates and eventually hire the best qualified candidates.


You can find job postings and online resumés at the web site. You should also search for other similar web sites with job postings and resumés.


During your initial meeting you should divide your group into peronnell staff and the candidates for positions. Visit the website and familiarize yourself with the listing of job titles, the vocabulary for job descriptions and resumé formats. Decide for which positions you will be hiring. This will depend on the number of job "applicants" in your group. Job applicants should find and study resumés in their field of interest. Ideally job candidates should qualify academically for the specific position. For eaxample, a candidate for a position as a computer programmer should be a computer science major. Once the job positions are posted and distributed to the class, job applicants will find the best online resumé that is in their field of interest and use it to apply for a position.

Next, the staff will conduct an interview in class with the candidates. The job candidates will use the data from the online resumé in talking about themselves. They should prepare themselves for the interview by reading and memorizing as many deatails from the online resumé as possible. The rest of the class may participate in the interview by asking relevant questions of any of the candidates.

At the end of the interviews the staff will discuss in class each of the candidates and select the best candidate for each position. The rest of the class may participate in the selection process by by voting for the best candidate based on the candidate's presentation (not his or her qualifications).


The instructor may select to evaluate the participants in this WebQuest on various levels, based on each participant's level of participation. Ideally, all activities should be taped for self-evaluation as well as for evaluation by the instructor.


The aim of this WebQuest is for you to learn and use vocabulary related to professions and to be able to talk about job qualifactions in your field of interest. You will also become familiar with the job market in specific fields in Russia, salary ranges for specific positions and the qualifacions that Russian companies expect of job candidates.