Furnishing an Apartment in Moscow

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Jane Brown, a high-level executive at an American company has just been told that she and her family will be transferred to the company's Moscow branch office. She is making preparations for the move to Moscow. She will be accompanied by her husband, who is a pianist, and their children, Paul, a 4 year old, and Lisa, a 15 year old teenager. The Browns have been provided with a large, comfortable three-bedroom apartment in a fancy suburban of Moscow. Unfortunately, the apartment house is brand new, an it does not have any furnishings or kitchen appliances.


The Browns have hired you and your group to furnish their apartment. Cost is not an issue. The Browns will be entertaining important guests regularly, so you want to make sure that their apartment will be furnished elegantly and in the latest fashion. Don't forget to include some entertainment equipment for the family and the kids (TV, stereo, game machines, etc.), as well as a nice piano for Mr. Brown.


To accomplish this task you need to look for online stores in Russia that might carry the items for the house. Several links are provided. Use search engines, such as Google and Yandex, to find other locations.


When you are finished with this project, you will present your suggestions to The Browns (the class). Your presentation should be in the form of a web page or a Powerpoint presentation. Include images of all items that you have suggested. If you work as a group you should divide the task by rooms.Each member should do a presentation for a specific room. In your presentation you should cover the following:
  1. Describe which room you are furnishing.
  2. Describe each item in the room:
    1. include a picture of each item
    2. cost of the item
    3. where can it be purchased from: name of store, address, and all other pertinent information
  3. Total cost to furnish the room
During your presentation The Browns/Class will be asking you questions regarding your choice of items. You should work together with other members of the group to make sure that you coordinate colors and styles. Your presentation will be entirely in Russian.


Your classmates will provide you with comments and evaluations of your presentation. Additionally, your instructor will record your presentation either on video or audio tape. Your presentation will be graded on:
  1. Complexity of the presentation
  2. Grasp of vocabulary
  3. Grammar
  4. Fluency


The aim of this WebQuest is for you to gain command of vocabulary related to and talk about household furniture and other items. In the process you will familiarize yourself with furniture styles and costs in Russia. You will learn the differences in styles and costs of furniture in Russian and in the US.