Telling time on the hour

  1. To ask what time it is in Russian we use the expression Сколько сейчас времени?
  2. We answer with the word Сейчас, а number indicating the hour, and a form of the Russian word for o'clock.
  3. There are three forms of the Russian word for o'clock: час, часа, часов.
  4. We use the word час for 1 o'clock: Сейчас час.
  5. We use the word часа for 2, 3, 4 o'clock: Сейчас 2, 3, 4 часа.
  6. We use the word часов for 5 through 12 o'clock: Сейчас 5 - 12 часов.
  7. To ask "At what time...?" we use the expression Во сколько...?
  8. To answer, we use the preposition в followed by the time using the appropriate word for o'clock:
    В час.
    В 2, 3, 4 часа.
    В 5 - 12 часов.

Exercises: 0001g, 0643g
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