Голоса 1, Урок 9. В ресторане «Сказка». (0789)

  1. You have been studying and living in Moscow for about three months, when your parents decide to visit you to see how you are getting along. You decide to impress them by taking them out to one of your favorite restaurants in Moscow, Сказка (http://www.skazka-samara.ru/Osnovnoe_menyu/).
  2. Since your parents don't speak any Russian you have to explain the menu to them (in English) and you also have to order for them. Because your parents want to sample as many items as possible, each of you will order different items.
  3. Start with coctail (http://www.skazka-samara.ru/Koktejli/). Since your parents are probably not fancy alcohol drinkers, explain to them what's in about 3-4 coctails.
  4. Tell your parents, in English, what three salads they have and what's in each one.
  5. Do the same with at least three appetizers, hot and cold.
  6. Do the same with three sorts of soup.
  7. For the main course, your mom is interested in a fish dish. Suggest two for her.
  8. Your dad is intersted in grilled stuff. Suggest two dishes for him.
  9. Suggest a side dish for each one.
  10. For a drink, your mom would like a white French wine, and your dad would prefer a red Italian wine.
  11. At the end of the main meal, suggest a unique desert for each parent. Something they may not be able to find in a typical American restaurant.
  12. Suggest some fancy coffee to go with the desert. Explain what's in each: http://www.skazka-samara.ru/Kofejnye_koktejli/
  13. Now comes the hard part. You want to impress your parents with how much Russian you have learned. Your waiter arrives and now you give him your order, in Russian, for the three of you. Each of you has to order something different. Make a list by following this format: "I will take ....", "My mother will take ....", "My father will take ...". Inlcude the price for each item so that it will be easier for you to add the cost of the meals at the end.
  14. Your parents are very impressed with the meal and with your Russian, your dad takes out his American Express to pay for everything. You need to tell him the final cost.
  15. As you select the items you order make sure you keep a tab of the cost for each one and add it all up.
  16. Your dad is shocked at the amoun in rubles (several thousand). Take out your calculator and tell him how much it is in US dollars. To do this, find out online the current exchange rate.
  17. You should be able to understand much of the vocabulary in the menu. Feel free to look up words that are unfamiliar.
  18. It's important that all the information you provide (including prices) should come ONLY from the website of the restaurant.
  19. Send this exericse as an email attachment.

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