Голоса 1, Урок 9. How would you do the following? Future tense. (0786)

Directions: Practice saying your responses out loud in Russian. Pay special attention to the accent. Check your grammar carefully. Reply with complete sentences. You may print or record your responses and hand the exercise to an instructor to be checked for accuracy.
  1. Say what you'll be doing on Tuesday.
  2. Say where you'll be on Friday.
  3. Say where your friend [name] will be on Monday.
  4. Say what your friend [name] will be doing on Saturday.
  5. Tell you friend what you'll be preparing for breakfast tomorrow.
  6. Your friend wants to know if you'll be working or studying at the library on Saturday. How would you respond?
  7. Ask your friend if he/she will be watching television tomorrow.
  8. Ask your friends where they'll be tomorrow.
  9. Ask your friend with whom he/she'll be having coffee.
  10. Ask your friends if you all will be having supper at the restaurant on Monday.

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