Голоса 1, Урок 10. How would you say it in Russian? (0779)

Directions: Click on each phrase or sentence to hear one possible translation of it in Russian. Repeat each sentence after you hear it. Make up additional phrases by replacing some of the words in each phrase.
  1. Alabama is in the south of the USA.
  2. Boston is in East Massachusetts.
  3. Spain is south of France.
  4. Germany is in the west of Russia.
  5. We already reserved a table.
  6. John entered graduate school three weeks ago.
  7. We already ate breakfast.
  8. We already showed the photographs.
  9. We already made the pizza.
  10. We already read the book.
  11. Nevada i east of California.
  12. Oksana entered graduate school two years ago.
  13. You will graduate from the university in three years.
  14. This American female student entered graduate school five months ago.
  15. I will graduate from the university in a year.
  16. I (female) already wrote the letter.
  17. I (female) already saw the movie.

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