Голоса 1, Lesson 2. How would you do the following? (0748)

Directions: Practice saying your responses out loud in Russian. Pay special attention to the accent. Check your grammar carefully. Reply with complete sentences. You may print or record your responses and hand the exercise to an instructor to be checked for accuracy.
  1. How would you greet someone at the airport?
  2. What is a proper way to respond to someone who asks you how you are doing?
  3. Find out if your friend has some object.
  4. You see a book on the floor. Ask whose it is.
  5. Find out from your friend if she has a/an old (something), or (или) a new one.
  6. Find out from your friend what kind of (something) she has.
  7. List three favorite items you like to wear.
  8. Respond in a complete sentence to someone who asks you if you have a car.
  9. List five electronic items that you own.

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