Голоса 1, Lesson 8. How would you do the following? (0736)

Directions: Practice saying your responses out loud in Russian. Pay special attention to the accent. Check your grammar carefully. Reply with complete sentences. You may print or record your responses and hand the exercise to an instructor to be checked for accuracy.
  1. Ask where one can buy x.
  2. Tell someone you want to give them a present.
  3. Ask someone when is his|her birthday.
  4. Advise your friend what car, etc., to buy.
  5. Ask a salesperson to show you an object you want to buy.
  6. Ask at a store if they take credit cards.
  7. You are going to a store. Tell someone what you need to buy.
  8. Ask someone where he|she went today.
  9. Wish someone happy birthday.
  10. Ask someone where he|she was at x o'clock.
  11. Ask someone where he|she went at x o'clock.
  12. Tell someone what classes you had yesterday.
  13. Tell someone where your friend|roommate went.
  14. Tell someone where you went on vacation.
  15. Tell someone the ages of your immediate relatives.
  16. What do you want to give as present on your relative's birthday?
  17. Tell the professions of your relatives.
  18. You have a big library. On what subjects are your books?
  19. Tell the nationality of some famous people from around the world.
  20. Tell someone what you need to do today.
  21. Ask someone what he|she needs to do today.
  22. Tell a friend you like, or not like, the piece of clothing he|she is wearing.
  23. Ask a friend if he|she likes something you are wearing.
  24. Tell your friend which professors you like and not like

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