Голоса 1, Урок 5
Давайте почитаем

  1. Complete Упражнение 5-36 on page 179 of the Textbook. Make up a similar schedule for yourself for one day of the week.
  2. Complete Упражнение 5-37 on page 179 of the Textbook.
  3. Complete Упражнение 5-38 on pp. 179-180 of the Textbook. Remember that you are not supposed to be familiar with all of the vocabulary in the text. Be able to provide a one paragraph summary of the text.
  4. Complete Упражнение 5-39 on page 181 of the Textbook.
  5. Complete Упражнение 5-40 on pp. 182-184 of the Textbook.

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