Голоса 1, Урок 5
2. Days and Times

  1. Read the section 2. Days and Times on page 163 of the Textbook.
  2. Memorize the names for the days of the week.
  3. Memorize how to say: What day is it today? On what day? On what days?
  4. Complete Упражнения 5-21, 5-22 on pp. 163-164 of the Textbook.
  5. Complete Упражнения 5-6 on page 154 of the Textbook. Practice asking and telling what time it is.
  6. Make a list (in Russian) of the classses that you are taking this semester. You can find names for many courses in the Nouns section of the vocabulary for Leson 4. Practice saying on what days of the week you have those classses.
  7. Complete Orall Drills on pp 99-100 of the SAM.
    Oral Drill 1. Items в and д should be switched:
    Oral Drill 2:
    Oral Drill 3:
    Oral Drill 4:
  8. Complete Письменное упражнение 05-07 on page 107 of the SAM.
  9. Complete Письменное упражнение 05-08 on page 108 of the SAM.
  10. Complete Письменное упражнение 05-09 on page 108 of the SAM.
  11. Complete online Exercise 0157g. Number 1-12 only.
  12. Complete online Exercise 0060g. Dictation with numbers 1-10.
  13. Complete online Exercise 0001g. Time on the hour.
  14. Complete online Exercise 0002g. Parts of the day.
  15. Complete online Exercise 0643g. Days and Time of Day.
  16. Complete online Exercise 0644g. Days and Time of Day.
  17. Complete online Exercise 0647g. Time with part of the day
  18. Complete online Exercise 0820. Translation. Days and times.
  19. What you should know.
    1. Memorize the words for the numbers 1-12.
    2. The names of the days of the week.
    3. To ask what day is today.
    4. To answer what day is today.
    5. To ask "On what day(s)...".
    6. To answer on what day(s) something takes place.
    7. Tell time on the hour.
    8. Parts of the day: morning, afternoon, evening.

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