Голоса 1, Урок 3
8. The Prepositional Case

  1. Read 8. The Prepositional Case and Prepositional Case of Nouns on pp. 98-99 of the Textbook.
  2. Read online tutorial Prepositional case of nouns.
  3. Read online tutorial Prepositional case. Possessives and special modifiers.
  4. Read online tutorial Prepositional case. Personal pronouns and question words.
  5. Read online tutorial Prepositional case. Singular and plural adjectives.
  6. Do online Exercise 0017g. Prepositional Case of Nouns.
  7. Do online Exercise 0459g. Prepositional Case of Nouns.
  8. Read Prepositiona Case of Adjectives on page 100 of the Textbook.
  9. Read Prepositional Case of Special Modifier on page 99 of the Textbook.
  10. Review the 7-letter and 5-letter spelling rules on page 61 of the Textbook.
  11. Do Упражнения 3-20, 3-21, 3-22 and 3-23, 3-24 and 3-25 on pp. 100-102 of the Textbook.
    In Упражнение 3-25, notice that in Russian a person does not 'wear' something, but is 'in' something.
  12. Do Written Exercises 03-21, 03-22, 03-23, 03-24 and 03-25 on pp. 66-68 of the SAM.
  13. Do Oral Drills on page 55 of the SAM.
    Oral Drill 16
    Oral Drill 17
    Oral Drill 18
    Oral Drill 19
  14. Do online Exercise 0670g. Prepositional Case of Nouns, Adjectives, Possessives.
  15. Do online Exercise 0033. Prepositional Case of Nouns.
  16. Do online Exercise 0425g. Prepositional Case of Nouns.

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