Голоса 1, Урок 3
1. Verb Conjugation
2. Verbs with -е-/-ё- conjugation

  1. Read 1. Verb Conjugation on page 86 of the Textbook. Memorize the personal pronouns
  2. Read 3. Verbs with -е-/-ё- conjugation on pp. 87-88 of the Textbook. Memorize the endings for each type of verb.
    1. Note that in Russian there are two way to express a language. This is explained in detail in section 6. Talking about languages.
    2. With the verbs знать, we use the name of the language as an adjective followed by the word for 'language': русский язык, немецкий язык, английский язык, etc.
    3. With the verbs писать, понимать, читать we use an adverbial form of the name of the language: по-русски, по-английски, по-испански, etc.
  3. Read online tutorial Russian verbs. Introduction.
  4. Read online tutorial Verbs. First COnjugation.
  5. Read online tutorial Verbs. Accent patterns..
  6. Do Упражнения 3-9, 3-10, and 3-11 on pp. 88-89 of the Textbook.
  7. Do Written Exercises 03-08, 03-09, 03-10, 03-11, 03-12, 03-13 on pp. 61-62 of the SAM.
  8. Do Oral Drills on pp. 51-52 of the SAM.
    Oral Drill 1
    Oral Drill 2
    Oral Drill 3
    Oral Drill 4
    Oral Drill 5
  9. Complete online Exercise 0040g. Verbs in the Present Tense.
  10. Complete online Exercise 0423g. Verbs in the Present Tense.
  11. Complete online Exercise 0795. How would you do the following?
  12. New words and expressions:
    1. Pronouns: кто, я, ты, он, она, мы, вы, они
    2. Verbs: знать, читать, понимать, писать, жить
    3. Adverbs:
      медленно, немного, хорошо, неплохо, быстро, довольно, сейчас
      по-русски, по-немецки, по-испански, по-итальянски, по-английски, по-арабски

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