Голоса 1, Урок 2
Давайте почитаем

  1. Do Exercise 2-36 on pp. 67-68 of the Textbook. A better website for used cars in Russia is usedcars.ru.
    1. Browse through some of the listings on the front page to get an idea what cars a Russian can buy.
    2. Click on any car to get more details.
    3. Look at the right collumn to see the car's specifications. That should tell you the meanings of the words in the left collumn. Look up online any words you don't understand.
    4. Find a currency converter online to check what the price would be in $US.
    5. Using the same format, write a description of your own car. If you don't own a car, write a description of a friend's or a rletaive's car.
  2. Do Exercise 2-37 on pp. 69-70 of the Textbook.

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