Голоса 1, Урок 2
4. Whose? Чей?
Possessive Pronouns мой, твой, его, её, наш, ваш, их

  1. Read the section 4. Whose? Чей? and the Possessive Pronouns мой, твой, его, её, наш, ваш, их on page 59 of the Textbook. Most important things to remember here are, you need to memorize all of the words for indicating possession, and that which word you use will depend on the gender of the noun possessed. Practice using the possessive modifiers by completing each of the assigned exercises.
  2. Do Exercises 2-24, 2-25, and 2-27 on page 60 of the Textbook.
  3. Do Oral Drills on pp. 32-34 of the SAM.
    Oral Drill 4
    Oral Drill 5
    Oral Drill 6
    Oral Drill 7
    Oral Drill 8
    Oral Drill 9
  4. Do Written Exercises 02-14, 02-15 and 02-16 on pp. 42-43 of the SAM.
  5. Do online Exercise 0023. Whose? (чей, чья, чьё, чьи).
  6. Do online Exercise 0318. Possessive modifiers.
  7. Do online Exercise 0025. Possessive modifiers.
  8. Do online Exercise 0377. Possessive modifiers.
  9. Do online Exercise 0376. Possessive modifiers.
  10. Do online Exercise 0384. Possessive modifiers.
  11. Do online Exercise 0383. Possessive modifiers.

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