Голоса 1, Урок 1 (1-05)
4. Gender of Modifier "My"

  1. Read the section 4. Gender of Modifier "My" on page 32 of the Textbook.
  2. Do Exercise 1-24 on page 32 of the Textbook.
  3. Do Exercise 1-25 on page 32 of the Textbook. Be able to introduce your relatives to a friend. You may want to write and record your replies and send the exercise to the instructor to be checked for accuracy.
  4. Do Oral Drill 6 on page 17 of the SAM.
  5. Do Exercise 01-11 on page 23 of the SAM.
  6. New words and expressions: это, мой, моя, друг, подруга, брат, папа, мама, сестра

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