Голоса 1, Урок 1 (1-05)
4. Gender of Modifier "My"

  1. Read the section 4. Gender of Modifier "My" on page 32 of the Textbook. Use мой with males. Use моя with females.
  2. Do Exercise 1-24 on page 32 of the Textbook, or online Exercise 0184.
  3. Do Exercise 1-25 on page 32 of the Textbook. Be able to introduce relatives and friends to someone. You may want to write and record your replies and send the exercise to the instructor to be checked for accuracy.
  4. Do Oral Drill 6 on page 17 of the SAM.
  5. Do Exercise 01-11 on page 23 of the SAM, or online Exercise 0185.
  6. New words and expressions: это, мой, моя, друг, подруга, брат, папа, мама, сестра

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