Macedonian Erotic Folktales. Македонски еротски приказни.

Collected by Kiril Penushliski. Translated by George Mitrevski and Christina Kramer

  1. The Greatest Sin
  2. The Broken Mirror
  3. The Man who Sought to Find a Man Who had no Worry in his Life
  4. The Grain Gatherer
  5. The Priest's Daughter who didn't Want to Get Married
  6. The Naked Guest
  7. The Girl Who Wanted a Husband with Two Peckers
  8. The Old Man who would Give Oxen for a Tool
  9. I am Old, you are Young
  10. The Sick Svat
  11. The Pleasure-loving Woman who Gave her Husband no Peace
  12. The Criteria
  13. Each Pot Has its Own Cover
  14. The Field Guard and the Hodzha
  15. The Kajmakam, his Wife and the Field Guard
  16. The Three Brothers and the Priest's Daughter
  17. The Young Man, the Lady and the Servant
  18. God Grant That What You Plant Sprouts For You
  19. The Poor Man and the Lord
  20. The Magical Trees
  21. The Herdsman and the Snake
  22. How the Plague was Born
  23. The Three Brothers and the Golden Apples
  24. Feminine Wiles
  25. The Priest Who Locked Up His Wife At Home While He Was At Work
  26. Feminine Wiliness
  27. A Wife Can't Be Guarded
  28. She's Horny and She's Crazy
  29. The Priest Who Gave His Wife a Gold Piece
  30. The Migrant Worker and His Wife
  31. Oh Mercy, I'm Dying for Grapes
  32. The Cornel Cherry Salesman Who Would Not Sell Them for Money
  33. She Lost It
  34. The Woman, Her Husband, and the Field Guard
  35. The Priest's Debauched Wife
  36. The Clairvoyant Child
  37. The Drunkard and his Wife
  38. The King's Locked Up Daughter
  39. The Clever Woman and the Bey
  40. The King's Widow and the Clever Servant
  41. He Spoke with the Lord
  42. The Black Plague
  43. More later...

Copyright ©. George Mitrevski.