The Renaissance and Humanism in Europe. Reading Questions. Textbook and History Guide.

  1. What does the literal meaning of the word "rebirth" suggest for the Renaissance artists and intellectuals?
  2. Where did the Renaissance originate?
  3. Who were the humanists and what is considered the beginning of the humanist movement?
  4. How did Latin contribute to the spread of teh Renaissance and humanism throughout Europe?
  5. What was the Renaissance view of Greek and Roman antiquity?
  6. Contrast the view of life by the medieval and by Renaissance man or woman. What was the main concern? (last two paragraphs on page 1592).
  7. What was the Renaissance view of art? (last paragraph on page 1594).
  8. What does the term "humanism" refer to?
  9. Contrast the view of individualism from the point of view of the middle ages and of humanism.