Metamorphosis: Study Guide

  1. Write a definition of "metaphor" and provide several examples. Her es one definition: "An implied analogy which identifies one object with another and ascribes to the first one or more of the qualities of the second, or invests the first with emotional or imaginative qualities associated with the second."
  2. Metaphorically, what does it mean to be a "bug"? Provide several examples.
  3. Make a listing of some of the humorous scenes. Why do you think they are humorous?
  4. Describe Gregor's room. What is the picture hanging on the wall?
  5. Describe Gregor's own attitude and his reaction to his new predicament.
  6. Describe what life was like for Gregor before his metamorphosis, at home and on job.
  7. Describe everyone's reaction as they see Gregor come out of his room.
  8. In what ways do you think Gregor was like a "bug" even before his metamorphosis?
  1. Describe how and what Gregor eats.
  2. What is his family situation like?
  3. How does Gregor's sister treat him differently from the way he is treated by his parents?
  4. How does Gregor entertain himself?
  5. Why doesn't Gregor want his furniture moved out?
  6. What kind of changes does Gregor notice in his father?
  1. How does Gregor's family try to make life seem "normal" for themselves?
  2. What prevents the family from moving to a smaller apartment?
  3. How do they try to manage financially?
  4. How has Gregor's attitude toward his family changed?
  5. How has Grete's treatment of Gregor changed? Give some examples.
  6. What changes take place in Gregor's room?
  7. What is Gregor's attitude toward the roomers? Why?
  8. Describe Gregor's reaction as he hears his sister play the violin.
  9. Why do the roomers threaten to leave?
  10. Describe the scene of Gregor's death.
  11. Describe how each family member reacts when they hear that Gregor is dead.
  12. How do they celebrate Gregor's death?
  13. Who do you think is responsible for Gregor's fate? To what exptent do you think he is responsible?