The Koran. Reading questions

  1. What is the Koran.
  2. Who was Muhammad?
  3. How was the Koran composed?
  4. Why are Mecca and Medina important to Muslims?
4. Women
  1. According to the Koran, How did God create man?
  2. What is the Koran's general attitude toward women?
  3. How many women can a Muslim marry and under what circumstances?
  4. What is the attitude of the Koran toward orphans?
  5. On page 1012 there is a long passage on the division of property. You don't need to remember who gets how much, but why do you think it was necessary that this law be part of the Koran?
  6. Notice instances where the Koran states that those who repent should not be punished. God will pardon them. In what sense does God treat transgressors humanely?
  7. In the last paragraph on page 1013, what is God's commandment about jealousy?
  8. Comment on the paragraph on the top of page 1014 regarding man's authority over women.
  9. How should conflicts between a man and his wife be solved? In what way can this be a better way than the way it is done in the Western tradition?
5. The Table
  1. Make a list of all the adjectives that are used to describe the nature of God of the Koran.
  2. What specifically is the attitude toward unbelievers?
  3. In the second paragraph on top of page 1015 God says, "This day I have perfected your religion for you and completed My favor to you, I have chosen Islam to be your faith." Can you comment on this statement? What do you think is meant by the phrase "have perfected your religion"?
  4. On page 1015 God commands man to "deal justly". Read that paragraph and comment why that is important.
  5. What happened with the covenant between God and the Israelites, according to the Koran?
  6. What commandment does the Koran have for Christians? Read page 1016.
  7. What is God's commandment on murder? Page 1017.
  8. What should happen to people who make war against God and his apostle [Muhammad]?
  9. What should happen to those guilty of theft? Notice that for many crimes the Koran allows repentance to avoid punishment.
  10. Note instances of the importance of judging fairly.
  11. What is the attitude of the Koran toward unbelievers. Provide specific examples.
  12. What does the Koran have to say about friendship between Muslims, Jews and Christians?
  13. What is the Koran's view of the Torah and the Gospel? God in the Koran says, "If they [Jews and Christians] observe the Torah and the Gospel and what is revealed to them from their Lord, they shall enjoy abundance from above and from beneath." How do you explain this statement?
  14. Comment on the last two paragraphs on page 1019 and the top of page 1020. These passages provide the reason why God had to send the messages to Muhammad. What was the mistake that the Jews and Christians do in the eyes of God?
  15. Why is it forbidden for Muslims to drink wine and gamble?
  16. Read carefully the bottom few paragraphs on page 1022. Why should Jesus not be considered a god, according to the Koran?