Aristophanes: Lysistrata. Reading questions.

  1. Why, exactly, are the women so upset about the duration of the war.
  2. Why are the women reluctant to go along with Lysistrata's plan?
  3. How does Lysistrata convince the rest of the women in Athens to follow her plan of action?
  4. What concerns does Lysistrata have with regard to married and unmarried women because of the war?
  5. What fear does the Chorus of Old Men express with regard to the women's seizure of the Acropolis?
  6. What complaint does the Chorus of Old Women make against the men?
  7. Explain how and why the Chorus of Old Men change their view of women?
  8. In the dialogue between Myrrhine and Kinesias, he tells her all the things he misses about her. What view of women and their proper place in society does the play present? What other passages in the play reveal something about women's roles in classical Greece?
  9. Describe the personality of Lysistrata. How is she unlike the other women?
  10. What is the Magistrate's view of women?
  11. How do husbands generally react to women's criticism of the war?
  12. Where is the humor in hte play? What makes those instances humorous, even to a contemporary audience?
  13. Is there seriousness beneath the humor in this play? What is it?
  14. What does the play tell us about the social and political issues raging in at that time?