The Song of Songs. Study Questions.

  1. Note instances of strong assertiveness of the woman's desires.
  2. Note the many instances of references to smells and tastes.
  3. Note instances when the girl compares her beloved to a gazelle or deer. What other metaphors does she use to describe him?
  4. Not insances where the woman is searching for her beloved. Anxiety as a characteristic of passion?
  5. The speech by the girl wishing her lover were like a brother has no perverse intent. What does she say would be the advantages of having his status be the same as that of one of her brothers?
  6. What is the poet saying about jealousy?
  7. Note instances of the anxiety of absence from one's beloved.
  8. Find examples where the poet expresses that their love is mutual.
  9. Find examples where the poet expresses physical closeness with the beloved.
  10. Find examples where the beloved's beauty is described. What metaphors are used to express the beloved's beauty?