Genesis 1-3. Study Questions

  1. What differences do you notice between the two accounts of the creation of the world? Can you suggest why the author might have wanted or needed to include two accounts?
  2. Why do you think does the book of Genesis give no account of the beginning of God himself?
  3. What do the actions of God convey to the reader about the essential nature of God? What major attribute of God is manifested in Genesis 1?
  4. What does the approval formula "and God saw it was good" imply about the person and character of God?
  5. What assumptions are conveyd about the nature of human beings and the purpose of their existence?
  6. In what ways is Genesis 1 a polemic against the myths about the gods of the Ancient Near East?
  7. How is God's relationship to the world founded and described in Genesis 1? How is God's sovereignty demonstrated?
  8. What does the image of God in man imply for mankind, especially in contrast to the animal world?
  9. What do you see as the significance of God giving to Adam the power of naming? What does it mean to name something?
  10. Why dou you think did God prohibit the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?
  11. How might man be like God once he has tasted from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil?
  12. Describe the covenantal message growing out of the creation of man in the Garden. What's man supposed to do? What restrictions are put on him? What is he given in return?