Renaissance Humanism. Study Questions

  1. What does the term "humanism" mean?
  2. What does the term "secularism" mean?
  3. What are the roots of humanism?
  4. What are the approximate years of the Renaissance?
  5. What were the main centers of humanism?
  6. Which disciplines did humanism and humanities include in their study?
  7. What did the humanists emphasize in education?
  8. What should the individual's responsibility be, according to the humanists?
  9. The overwhelming concern of the Middle Ages was _______.The overwhelming concern of the Renaissance is _____.
  10. How did the Renaissance Humanists regarded the Middle Ages?
  11. What was the humanist's view of the church?
  12. What was the difference between the Italian and Northern humanists?
  13. What is Christian humanism?
  14. How did Erasmus contribute to humanism?
  15. How did Greek and Roman classicism contribute to humanism?