Puritanism in America

  1. Who was William Bradford and what did he do for the Puritans?
  2. Who was John Winthrop and what did he do for the Puritans?
  3. In which year did the Puritans arrive in Plymouth?
  4. What is the "Mayflower compatc"?
  5. Name some basic Puritan beliefs.
  6. Why did the Puritans want to break with the Church of England?
  7. What was the Puritan's belief about the Bible?
  8. Describe what the concept of "city upon a hill" refers to.
  9. What should the function of literature and art be, according to the Puritans.
  10. What are some charactersitics of Puritan writing?
  11. What are some common themes in Puritan writing?
  12. What is the Protestant work ethic?
  13. What was the Puritan's view of predestination?
  14. How should one live one's life, according to the Puritans?
  15. What are some of the reasons for the decline of Puratism?
  16. What is a "jeremiad"