"On My Dear Grandchild Simon Bradstreet,
Who Died on 16 November, 1669,
Being But a Month, and, One Day Old"

No sooner came,but gone,and fall'n asleep,
Acquaintance short, yet parting caused usweep;
Three flowers,two scarcely blown, the last i' th' bud,
Cropt by th'Almighty's hand; yet He is good.
With dreadful awe before Him let's be mute,
Such was His will, but why, let's not dispute,
With humble hearts and mouths put in the dust,
Let's say He's merciful as well as just.
He will return and make up all our losses,
And smile again after our bitter crosses
Go pretty babe, go rest with sisters twain;
Among the blest in endless joys remain.