Medieval Britain. Study Questions

  1. What is the time span of of Middle Ages?
  2. Describe the structure of the feudal system.
  3. How did the system of government based on the tenure of land work?
  4. What is a "vassal"? What obligations did a vassal have?
  5. What did the vassals received from the lord of the manor?
  6. What is a "tenant-in-chief"? What was his role in the feudal system? What services did a tenant-in-chief have to provide for the king?
  7. What effects did feudalism have on medieval society?
  8. Describe the relationship between a serf and his lord.
  9. What are some of the main causes for the fall of the feudal system?
  10. What was the role of the church in Medieval Britain?
  11. What was St. Benedict's contribution to the church?
  12. What were the rules of the Benedictine Order?
  13. Who were the Cistercians and how did they differ from the Benedictines?
  14. How is a monatery different from a church?
  15. How did a monastery generate income for running the monastery and the upkeep of the buildings?
  16. What is Pilgrimage?
  17. Who went on pilgrimages and why?
  18. Where did medieval Christians go on pilgrimage?
  19. What made a local place holy?
  20. Define Chivalry.
  21. What was the process for becoming a knight?
  22. What were the duties of a knight?