John Keats. Study Questions

"O Solitude! if I must with thee dwell"
  1. What does the word "solitude" mean and how does it fit the character of the romantic perosona.
  2. Where does the poet want to dwell in solitude and why?
  3. What do you think "Nature's observatory" refers to?
  4. The poet says that he doesn't mind being in solitude aone but would prefer to be there with an "innocent mind". What is the Romantic view of "innocense"?
  5. Explain in oyur own words what "the highest bliss of human-kind" refers to.
"Bright star! would I were steadfast as thou art"
  1. How is the steadfastness of the star described?
  2. The poet wishes to be as steadfast as the star. What exactly does that mean?
  3. Describe in your own words the situation in which the poet wants to be steadfast.
  4. Describe how this poem fits the characteristics of the Romantic genre.
"On death"
  1. Describe the poet's view of death. In what ways is it a romantic view of death?
  2. According to the poet:
    What is death?
    What is life?
    What is dreaming?
    What is to be awake?