Enlightenment. Study Questions

  1. What are the approximate years of the period of Enlightenment?
  2. What is Deism?
  3. List five main components of Enlightenment thought.
  4. What is the Enlightenment view of God and the universe?
  5. What does the "scientific revolution" refer to and name three people associated with it.
  6. What is "Empiricism"?
  7. What does the term "social contract" mean? How was it viewed differetly by Hobbes, Spinoza and Locke?
  8. What is society, according to Hobbes?
  9. What is the primary purpose of society, according to Hobbs?
  10. What is Spinoza's contribution to political theory?
  11. Describe Locke's view of the human mind?
  12. What is the role of education, according Locke?
  13. What is the the purpose of authority, according to Locke?
  14. How did the view of religion change during the period of Enlightenment?
  15. What is René Descartes' contribution to the Enlightenment?
  16. What is the foundation of truth, according to Descartes?
  17. Name two members of the philosophe movement and list their main contributions.
  18. What are the central ideas of the philosophe movement?