"The Miller's Tale". Reading questions

The Prologue
  1. How do all the pilgrims react to "The Knight's Tale"? Which group especially thinks it is worth remembering?
  2. What "protestacioun" does the Miller make about his storytelling and his own condition?
  3. What should men not do when they hear something that is a "game" according to the narrator?
"The Miller's Tale"
  1. What might be a problem with the marriage of the carpenter and his wife?
  2. Describe Nicholas's bed-chamber and his lodgings. What stuff does he keep there? How does this suggest two aspects of his identity? (I.e., which items are associated with Nicholas as a student or scholar, and which items are associated with his extracurricular activities?)
  3. Describe Alisoun's apparel.
  4. Describe Alisoun's physical features.
  5. When the narrator describes Alisoun he compares her to ten different animals and plants in nature. List some of these.
  6. What does Nicholas do while John is gone to Osenye?
  7. How does Alisoun initially respond to Nicholas's advances? How does she respond after he tries some "smooth-talking"
  8. At the end of Absalon's description, we find out there are two things he cannot stand. What are these tewo things
  9. What are some of the things Absalon does or sends to Alisoun to woo her after his serenading fails?
  10. What must John and his servant do to get inside Nicholas's bedroom, since Nicholas is still pretending to be "catatonic"?
  11. Whom does John express concern about when he learns the world is going to end?
  12. What three objects does Nicholas order John to hang from the ceiling as emergency escape craft before the flood hits? What three people are supposed to sit in the three tubs?
  13. What happens to John about 8:00 PM as he lies in the swaying boat waiting for the flood-waters?
  14. What trick or prank does Alisoun play on Absolon?
  15. What unusual anatomical feature puzzles Absolon when he closes his eyes to kiss the girl, "ful savourly"?
  16. What cunning plan backfires for Nicholas?
  17. When the neighbours come to find out what all the screaming and yelling is about, what do Nicholas and Alisoun tell them about John?
  18. How do all the neighbors react to John's "fantasye"?