Mercy Otis Warren. "A Thought on the Inestimable Blessing of Reason..."

What is it moves within my soul, 
And as the needle to the pole, 
Directs me to the final cause, 
The central point of nature's laws? 
'Tis reason, Lord, which thou hast given, 
A ray divine, let down from Heaven, 
A spark struck from effulgent light, 
Transcendent, clear, divinely bright, 
Thou hast bestow'd lest man should grope 
In endless darkness, void of hope. 
Creative being! who reason gave, 
And by whose aid the powers we have 
To think, to judge, to will, to know, 
From whom these reasoning powers flow, 
Thy name be ever magnified 
That thus to angels we're allied, 
Distinguish'd thus in the great chain, 
Nor left the least in thy domain. 
Yet should'st thou but a moment frown, 
Or wink this boasted reason down, 
'Twould level proud imperious man 
With the least worm in nature's plan. 
Then humbly will I Thee implore, 
Whom worlds of rationals adore, 
That thou this taper should preserve, 
From reason's laws let me ne'er swerve, 
But calmly, mistress of my mind, 
A friend to virtue and mankind, 
Oh! gently lead me on to peace, 
May years the heavenly gleam increase, 
Nor waste beneath the frown of age 
As I tread down time's narrow stage, 
But brighter burn as life decays, 
More fit to join the heavenly lays. 
And when the tenement shall fall, 
When broken down this feeble wall, 
Then may the glad enlighten'd soul 
Freed from these clogs, this dull control, 
Expand her wings, shake off her load, 
And rise to glorify her God.